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Black toenails Sherry 5 6 monthssilvesta001 (1): If you have black toenail then don’t worry because it can be happened due to fungus infection and fungus infection can be cured with the help of some natural home remedies. You can try some natural home remedies to cure toenail fungus infection.
training heart rate pathumes 1 1 yearpathumes (1): I'm 62 years old and considering my first triathlon. I'm reading the program guide which is excellent, by the way. Training according to heart rate is the way to go. My problem is that I always seem to have a heart rate way over the expected range for me. Based on the 180 method, my upper range is 118 bpm, and lower is 108. Well, on a run today, my average was 136 with a maximum of 156!! Other days were similar. I'm already a slow...
Speed Swimming caessa13 2 2 yearsErikS (4): caessa13 There are a view ways to increase speed by swimming. The most important is to improve your technique. The better your swim technique is the easier it is to swim and your speed wil increase. The other way is speed training like 50 metres start every minute. You have to change. The long distance on low speed swim en the short distance on a higher speed. Hope it wil work out for you
Keep a training journal Sonya 1 3 yearsSonya (1): Do any of you keep a training journal? I haven't up to this point, but I think I will start one. I was reading that it's a great way to track progress.
Biking to work Sal26 4 3 yearsSonya (1): I can't do this because there are no routes between my house and job that don't involve multi-lane highways at some point. I wish I could, though! It would be great for extra training and conditioning.
Looking for a good first triathlon Sherry 3 3 yearsSonya (1): Sal26 is right, however, I would suggest using the Cool Running site as opposed to a general Google search. (Cool Running, as you may already know, is the site of the infamous Couch-to-5K program.) They list events ranging in length from a 1K all the way up to Ironman triathlons. Click Races/Results at the top bar and then on the left hand side, choose your event by distance.
Shoulder pain Sonya 1 3 yearsSonya (1): I decided to focus my training on biking yesterday, so I went on a 10-mile bike ride. Today my neck and shoulders are so sore! I'm used to doing 10-mile rides on the weekends so this pain comes unexpected. What do you think it is?
Pain on the side of my leg ElenorS 2 3 yearsSonya (1): A 'sharp' pain sounds like bad pain as opposed to say, delayed onset muscle fatigue. How is your biking form? How well is your bike adjusted to your height?
Best foods for recovery ElenorS 2 3 yearsSonya (1): Well, if you're eating complex carbs, you're getting that fiber at the same time. I don't think you should ever really neglect fiber, per se, because it keeps you regular. No one wants to be constipated on race day!
Overcoming leg fatigue ElenorS 2 3 yearsSonya (1): I think you need to focus all of your training on endurance. It definitely sounds like you're headed in the right direction; a 25 mile bike ride is no joke!
Lower back strengthening exercises Breezy 5 3 yearsJeffGerber (1): Something that helped my lower back was planking. Also helps the glutes and legs. Specifically this program: http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/30-day-plank-challenge/
Cold weather training Sonya 1 3 yearsSonya (1): The morning temps here are getting colder and colder, which is making it harder for me to get out and run or bike. What have others here done to make the runs and bike rides more enjoyable when temps are within about 10 degrees of freezing?
Christmas Triathlon Luanne 4 3 yearsSonya (1): I'm training, too, but hadn't thought to do a Christmas event. Maybe that would make a great first race! I'm unsure about committing to a cold weather race, though. I think I might keep training and wait until spring for my first event.
Shin splints holding me back fit_4_fun 8 3 yearsSonya (1): I'm reading this thread and thinking now that my running technique might be bad. I had no idea that you shouldn't heel strike when you run and I'm pretty sure I do that... What can I do to improve my technique?
Foot pain Sonya 1 3 yearsSonya (1): Hi all. I've been working out consistently for about nine months now (consistently = 4 days or more per week, every week). Recently I've progressed from a walk/run routine to constant running and now I have pain on the outer right of my right foot. It only bothers me after the workout is over; is this something I should be concerned or see a doc about?
Best time to eat on race day ElenorS 3 3 yearsSonya (1): I'd probably try to time it out so that you have at least half an hour between the end of your meal and the start of your race. Personally, I don't like to go more than about three hours between meals so I would back it up fairly close to race time.
Swimming Workout Frequency Luanne 5 3 yearsSonya (1): Swimming is my favorite training area to focus on so I spend the most time with it. I'm fortunate to have access to a heated pool so I can swim year-round. :)
Coffee Donna 7 3 yearsSonya (1): I'm drinking about two six-ounce cups of coffee a day right now, although sometimes I drink about four cups. I've been focusing more on the additives -- namely the sugar. I replaced it with Stevia and now I'm working on the creamer.
One week... Dwyert 6 3 yearsElenorS (1): I never get too crazy before any race because I don't want to injure myself, or tire myself out before the big day. I would recommend that you just take it easy and spend some time on yourself getting into the right frame of mind for the sprint.
Training PLans Donna 3 3 yearsElenorS (1): I like to plan for the whole month. It just makes it easier for me and I'm not worried about it every week. I will tweak my workouts if I notice that something isn't working for me, or if I need more practice in a certain area. Other than that, I stick to a different exercise every weekend.
How Many Squats? Donna 5 3 yearsElenorS (1): I think it all depends on your level. Are you just starting out doing squats, or have you been doing them for a while? I do mostly squats with weights, but I've been doing them for a long time now, and my legs are really strong.
Swimming training Sherry 4 3 yearsElenorS (1): I got a coach when I fist started to train. I was lucky enough to have a friend that swam in high school and she taught me a lot of what her coach taught her. She showed me different swimming techniques and taught me how to improve my balance and coordination. I don't think I would be as good as I am now if it wasn't for her.
Eating With a Heart Condition Smee 3 3 yearsElenorS (1): This must have been really difficult to overcome. I can't even imagine training for something as big as a triathlon and then finding out you have a heart condition. I agree with Sal26, adding foods that have insoluble fiber will allow your body to have a lower rise in blood sugar. I would eat more potatoes with their skins on and anything with oats.
Best wet suits for warmth Sal26 2 3 yearsElenorS (1): I would love to get a cold-weather wetsuit myself. Swimming in the lake is one of my most favorite things to do because there is just so much space available. I would recommend looking at the thickness of the wetsuit for the temperature of the water you are swimming in. The thickness I would get is a 4/3 mm, which is best for about 55 degrees.
Best foods for training Sal26 2 3 yearsElenorS (1): I eat carbs every day before and after my training workouts. I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I do tend to avoid fiber, especially the night before and the morning of race day. I made the mistake one time of eating too much fiber the morning of my race and my stomach was not happy the whole day!
High elbows ElenorS 1 3 yearsElenorS (1): I've been having a hard time getting a faster time during my swim drills. I always seem to place right in the middle. A friend of mine was on the swim team when we were in high school and she told me that I should incorporate high elbows into my practice. Does this training really work to help gain more speed?
Cheat Meals Smee 6 3 yearsElenorS (1): I have a cheat meal at least once a week, but only when I am in training. I slipped up a few months ago and had more than just one cheat meal a week and I found that it was really difficult to get back on my training diet. I just didn't have the energy or the will to do it.
My first Sprint JessicaBlack 3 3 yearsElenorS (1): Sounds like you had a great first Triathlon! I think that hardest thing is not knowing how the course is actually going to go and what you are going to run into. Do you think that next year you will do the same course? I picked a different place my second time around, and it was not what I expected.
Recommendation for a stationary swimmer Sal26 2 3 yearsElenorS (1): That must be very difficult being on the road all the time and trying to train in the process! I purchased a stationary swimmer for my pool this past summer, and I love it. It's so easy to set up and packs very well. It's called the HomeSwimmer and it's pretty affordable. I recommend this for anyone that is in training.
Mountain biking Sal26 3 3 yearsErikS (4): I like to mountain biking too and I think your right Sal26 it helped to increase cardiovascular strength. But it also helps you with your steering skills especially when you drive a lot on single tracks. The movement you do on the mountain bike are different then on a race bike, so must get used to the change from one bike to the other
Deck Ups Luanne 4 3 yearsElenorS (1): I love deck-ups! They are so good for your upper body and they will most certainly give you more strength for your swim. As for how many you should perform, I would start out with five and then work my way up to ten. Do this for as many laps as you can swim and each time you will get stronger and stronger.
Calves cramping Breezy 5 3 yearsSal26 (1): Increasing your potassium is one thing you can do. Another thing is to make sure that you are getting enough fluid in you since these cramps can be caused from losing electrolytes from sweating. I have also found that stretching this muscle out before and after a run is crucial to preventing the spasms from happening. If it still keeps happening, I would call the doctor to make sure that there isn't something else wrong.
Protein Sources Luanne 5 3 yearsSal26 (1): The price of beef has definitely gone out of control, which is a shame too, because it is one of the best sources of protein along with other key vitamins and minerals. I've had to cut down drastically with this and switch to chicken and pork. Another really great protein source that doesn't cost too much is pumpkin seeds. I love snacking on them mid-morning.
Winter Clothing Donna 4 3 yearsSal26 (1): I always go to overstock stores like T.J. Maxx to find all my clothes to workout in. Although, I do have to agree and say that Wal-Mart has really come a long way with their clothing and this is one option I would check too. I guess it all depends on what you are willing to spend and if you have any special issues where you would need something from a higher end clothing line.
Heel blisters Breezy 7 3 yearsSal26 (1): I get these all the time and I found that changing the type of sock I was wearing did prevent me from getting blisters most of the time. I'm definitely going to check out the heel lock lacing because I am going for a run later today. The best option for me has always been using Aloe Vera gel. It really helps soothe the blister and heals it faster once it has popped.
Side Stitches Luanne 2 3 yearsSal26 (1): They are the worst. I used to get them all the time, and I found out it was due to eating too much fiber before a run. Now I just eat something light and save my actual breakfast for when I get back from running.
Kid's seat? Breezy 3 3 yearsSal26 (1): I did this with my daughter and we had so much fun together. I used the rear mounted seat and she was only a year old. It fit her really well, except that as she got older she was always kicking me in the back of the leg. I wish I would have known about the front mounted ones, it might have saved my legs a little!
Stitch in my side Breezy 3 3 yearsSal26 (1): I used to get these all the time when I first started training. I found that my problem was eating too much fiber before a run. Since fiber takes longer to break down, it was causing me to get an upset stomach and stitches. I definitely recommend that you eat a light meal before you run and wait till you have completely digested the food.
Why Are Bricks Overlooked? Smee 4 3 yearsLuanne (1): I'm not ready for bricks yet. I'm still at the individual workout stage and hope to start doing bricks in a few weeks. I figure a solid month of individual workouts still leaves me two months to work on bricks.
Is Paleo tri friendly? Sherry 7 3 yearsLuanne (1): Actually, I would recommend talking to a dietitian instead of a nutritionist. Dietitians have standardized educational requirements, whereas almost anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.
Shoe suggestions (no arch) Sherry 3 3 yearsSherry (1): Brooks, you say? I've heard a couple of other people say good things about Brooks so I'll check them out. How do they run size-wise?
Tri training diet fit_4_fun 7 3 yearsBreezy (1): Luanne -- That's what I was thinking, that a lot of carbs would negatively affect your energy, especially if you aren't used to consuming that level of carbs at one time. To the OP -- I think you should focus on eating a healthy diet with a variety of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs. I wouldn't worry so much about percentages unless you are really trying to place high in the race. In that case, I'd probably talk to a pro nutritionist.
Newbie questions Dwyert 10 3 yearsAd1234 (1): Talc your bike shoes!
How long to train? Opal 8 3 yearsDonna (1): I think 12 weeks is more than enough time if you are in good shape. It is also normal to be nervous. We have all been there at first :)
Help caessa13 12 3 yearsDonna (1): I also like the brick workout idea and I think I should incorporate it into my training soon. I am not a fast swimmer on the other hand. Does anyone have any tips to improve that?
Training while sick Opal 7 3 yearsLuanne (1): I try to push myself to exercise when I have a cold, but with your asthma, I can understand your hesitancy. Maybe you should consult with your doctor to be safe.
Eggs and Bananas Smee 7 3 yearsLuanne (1): I'm not a big smoothie person but fruit shakes with spinach in them are surprisingly tasty. I'll have to try the eggs and banana combo; that does sound good, especially since I'm not a peanut butter fan.
Stretching Donna 4 3 yearsLuanne (1): I just love the way it feels as the front of my hips stretch. I don't know the name of this other stretch I enjoy, but you cross your arm in front of yourself and hold it with the other hand. It's great for the upper back and shoulder.
How important are strength workouts? Opal 11 3 yearsDonna (1): One of my favorite strength exercises is alternate lunges with bicep curls. Basically you hold a dumbbell in each hand and alternate your lunges at the same time as you raise your hands. I like this exercise because it works legs and arms at the same time.
Protein shakes yay or nay? new2tri 9 3 yearsLuanne (1): I like premade Premier Protein shakes now and then. I don't have one every day, but they are good for days when I'm just not getting quite enough protein through my regular food.